Low Impact Car Accident – Don’t Be So Quick To Determine That You’re Fine

Typical Scenario After A Minor Accident

Anyone who has ever been involved in a car accident, no matter how small, knows that immediately after the crash they feel many different emotions.  You get a rush of energy, you worry about others in the car, you may get angry, nervousness might creep up, happiness that you’re not terribly injured, etc.  All of these feelings and emotions (mainly the adrenaline) overshadow some of the pain or injuries that you may have suffered in the immediate moments after a car accident.

Most people get out of the car, go check to see if the other person is fine, tell the other person that they’re not hurt, check the damage and if the damage is not terrible they exchange insurance information and go on their way.  When the person who hit you then speaks to their insurance, you can be sure that their insurance will want an exact play by play of what you did and said immediately following the accident.  They will then try and use all that information against you later once the adrenaline has worn off and your symptoms develop.

The Science Behind A Minor Accident

Scientific data shows that the impact does not have to be very significant to cause an injury to your spine.  The article on whiplash injury published in The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery on June 30, 2009, points out that 90 percent of whiplash injuries occur with speeds less than 14 mph.  It also explains that many crash tests done with human subjects have shown results concluding that a car crash with a velocity of just 2.5 mph was sufficient to cause symptoms.  Interestingly, a speed of 8.7 mph was required to cause visual damage to the vehicle.  Injuries they point to are not only symptoms of neck pain and stiffness,  but also forgetfulness, post-trauma disorder and even depressive symptoms after six weeks.

Even a low impact accident is worth speaking to an attorney about, especially if you develop symptoms after first feeling fine.  The attorneys at Ray Padilla Law, APC will be happy to discuss your potential case with you for free. Call (619) 431-1187.


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