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How Does Lost Income Affect Personal Injury Cases?

How Does Lost Income Affect Personal Injury Cases?   When you’re involved in a car crash that results in injuries, the first thing on your mind should be your own health and safety. Unfortunately, for many, their first thought is how much work they might miss, and how that lost income will impact them and […]

I was in a Car Crash Caused by a Minor, What Can I Do?

Adults are not the only ones who make mistakes that injure others. In fact, teenage drivers are responsible for an outsized share of motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, their inexperience with the road, combined with poor judgement often leads to dangerous crashes that affect and injure third parties. In these cases, because drivers under the age […]


After being involved in a car crash, your safety and that of the other people involved in the crash is most important.  Once it is clear that no one is in immediate danger, the next thing on your mind should be to gather information that will help establish what really happened. Although this may sound […]

Do Pre-Existing Conditions Impact Personal Injury Claims?

When it comes to personal injury and car crash claims, there exists an assumption that all car crash injuries occur to victims that are in perfect condition before the crash. However, many of us know that this often is not reality. Over 27% of the United States’ population suffers from a pre-existing condition. There is […]

Meet Your Attorney, Ray Padilla

We have always taken pride in representing good and deserving people.  Not one of our clients ever wished to be in the position necessitating hiring a lawyer because they were injured in a car crash.  Especially, when that injury happened because another person was being negligent and not following the rules.  We had an opportunity […]

Giving Back to Our Community

Helping Our Community Recently we were fortunate enough to be able to be a part in a food give away in National City, CA.  Our friends at the Ministry of Jerusalem Corp., Inc. were kind enough to allow us to take part in their WEEKLY food drive.  We were humbled by the love and dedication of their […]

Uber accident? First Steps to Take if You Are Injured

First Steps to take if You’re in an Uber Accident The most important consideration in any Uber accident or Lyft accident should always be your safety and that of the other people involved.  If emergency assistance is necessary, be sure to call 911 right away.  Below are answers to the most common questions people have, things to […]