The 15 Most Dangerous Intersections in San Diego


This week, Circulate San Diego released their data on the 15 Most Dangerous Intersections in San Diego.


The 15 intersections identified are:

Nearly 50 pedestrians and cyclists lose their lives in traffic crashes in San Diego every year, many of which, devastatingly recur at these very intersections. Safety advocacy groups, including Families for Safe Streets San Diego are raising awareness and calling on city officials to recognize the life-threatening issues at hand.


What Can be Done?

  • Stripes – Paint ladder or zebra stripes across the crosswalk for increased visibility
  • Signal – Install a countdown signal
  • Sound – Audible prompts to let people know when it is safe to cross
  • Daylighting – prohibit cars from parking within 20 feet of a crosswalk to increase visibility

According to NBC 7, Mayor Todd Gloria’s office said the city has received millions of dollars in grants for safety improvements and has begun with the 15 intersections being placed under review for daylighting.


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