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There are thousands of people hurt each and every day in auto accidents in California.  Most if not all of those people injured in car crashes, would really benefit from the help of a top rated car accident lawyer in San Diego.  All car accident lawyers give free consultations


The general public who doesn’t ride motorcycles tends to either not like people who do or take the position that those who ride motorcycles are assuming the risk of being injured should they be involved in a motorcycle accident.  The insurance companies know this.


In the past, we had the pleasure of helping thousands of truck and semi-truck drivers fight big corporations to attain wages that they should have received but didn’t.  Time and time again, we saw that companies cared only about their profits and were willing to disregard the safety and well being of their drivers, and the general public sharing the roadways with their drivers and trucks, as long as the money kept rolling in.


Ray is the best! Got referred to him by a family member and I’m glad to have had his services for my case. He is super responsive, very caring and makes sure to walk you through the whole process step by step and answer any questions you have. A pleasure to work with! Definitely recommend.

Han B.
Han B.

Ray was so helpful and knowledgeable throughout the process of my case. I was rear-ended pretty badly and had no idea what I was covered for, or how to go about making sure all my needs were addressed. I called Ray for advice and not only did he help me understand the process, he walked me through every step of the way and called periodically to check in on me to make sure I was okay. I’m so happy I made that call to him!

Nina D.
Nina D.

I would highly recommend Ray Padilla. He is very professional, patient, and straightforward. Ray fought long and hard to help me win my case. You can’t go wrong with a attorney who is passionate and determined to see you win!

Melody M.
Melody M.



    Insurance companies mainly exist to make money and certainly not to give it away.  So all of this combined, results in very aggressive claims handling wherein they offer little or no money to people injured in motorcycle accidents.  Having a personal injury lawyer does help the situation, but having a motorcycle accident lawyer who knows and understands these types of claims tends to help immensely.


    Have you been injured in an auto accident?  If so, there are million questions potentially going through your mind.  At Ray Padilla Law, APC, we know how difficult circumstances can be immediately after a car crash and how hard it is to get compensation that you deserve.  That is why we always recommend teaming up with a car accident lawyer in San Diego, whether its us or someone else.


    Generally speaking, when two cars get into an accident, fault can be placed on one of the two drivers.  The person not at fault can then attempt to recover for his or her injuries from the insurance of the at-fault driver.  It is not that simply with trucking accidents.  Blame can certainly be attributed to the driver of the truck let’s say for being distracted by eating their burger on the road.


    Wether the death of a loved one comes as a result of a doctor not doing his or her job properly, a drunk driver on the road, or a construction company not following proper safety protocols, we may be able to help.   Don’t fight the insurance companies alone.  A wrongful death lawyer is ready to assist.

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Over the years, our firm has worked tirelessly to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients. As car accident lawyers, standing up for the rights of injured people is what we do.   We pride ourselves in fighting insurance companies who put a priority on their bottom line over the well being of injured victims.  Our firm believes that our moral calling is to go above and beyond to meet the needs of those people who have sought our help and support.

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