Giving Back to Our Community

Helping Our Community

Recently we were fortunate enough to be able to be a part in a food give away in National City, CA.  Our friends at the Ministry of Jerusalem Corp., Inc. were kind enough to allow us to take part in their WEEKLY food drive.  We were humbled by the love and dedication of their volunteers, and their welcoming arms in allowing us to join in and help.  Miles upon miles of cars lined the neighborhood filled with people seeking assistance with food and the volunteers, hour after hour, and weekend after weekend, responded and continue to respond.

Ray Padilla, Esq. teamed up with The Katella Grill to add to the food give away and provide prepared meals for those in need.  The Katella Grill’s owner, Mike Learakos, had his team of cooks prepare 500 meals in advance and drove them down from Orange County to San Diego himself.

We could not be more thankful to all the wonderful volunteers at the Ministry of Jerusalem, Mike Learakos, and The Katella Grill staff.  Thank you also to our clients and community for trusting in us and giving us the ability to be able to give back.

More Food is ALWAYS Needed

There is still a great need in our community. If you know of anyone, please direct them to the Ministry of Jerusalem Website. If you would like to donate your time, food, or resources, please reach out to the Ministry of Jerusalem by clicking on the link above.

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