Navigating the Surge: The Increase of Car Crashes During Rainstorms


California is expected to experience record-breaking rainfall in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, rainy weather often transforms roads into treacherous terrain, increasing the likelihood of car crashes. Although all drivers strive to drive safely on the road, the weather and road conditions can impact even the most cautious drivers. Today, we look into the four main factors of weather related crashes to prepare for the storm ahead.



One of the primary reasons for the spike in accidents during rain is reduced visibility. Rainfall, especially heavy rain, can significantly impair a driver’s ability to see the road, other vehicles, and traffic signals.


Rainwater mixes with oils and other substances on the road, creating a slippery surface. This can lead to skidding and loss of control, contributing to an increased number of accidents.

Stopping Distance

Wet roads require longer stopping distances. Drivers often underestimate the time it takes to come to a halt, resulting in rear-end collisions and other accidents.

Road Conditions

After storms, San Diego’s roadways are often riddled with dangerous potholes that can be hard to see. Either running over large potholes, or swerving to avoid them, routinely cause car crashes.


As we enter the storm, the importance of being aware of weather forecasts before heading out, ensuring functioning windshield wipers and properly inflated tires, as well as driving under the posted speed limits can contribute to safer road experiences.

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