Why should I hire a car accident lawyer

Is it Worth Hiring an Attorney? Insurance Offer Increases by 26 Times After Client Hires Attorney

Is it worth hiring an attorney after a car accident

In almost every single situation following a car accident, it is worth hiring an attorney to help you.   Hiring a car accident attorney is important for many reasons.  Being treated fairly and with respect are immensely important.  Attaining justice is the biggest reason why hiring a car crash lawyer is a good idea.  Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed; however, below is a true example of the difference a personal injury law firm can make.

Why should I hire a car accident lawyer

Should I hire a lawyer

Client deals with insurance company alone before hiring an attorney

When is it a good idea to hire a car accident attorney?  Before hiring Ray Padilla Law, APC, a very nice and hard working lady who we will call Ms. Smith, dealt with the insurance of the person who rear-ended her by herself.  Before Ms. Smith could even seek medical treatment to begin to understand what the nature of her injuries were, she was receiving nonstop calls and offers to settle her case from the insurance adjuster.

Mrs. Smith explained to us that she was receiving four and sometimes five calls a day from the adjuster offering her $250 to settle her case.  The insurance adjuster then began sending her email after email with a settlement release attached to it followed up by calls to continue their efforts to try and get her to agree.

Ms. Smith’s injuries continued to bother her and got worse so she sought medical treatment.  Ms. Smith then told the insurance company that she didn’t feel comfortable settling her case for $250 given that she didn’t know how bad her injuries would turn out to be and how it would affect her ability to work.  The calls and emails didn’t stop.  Ms. Smith then decided to hire an auto accident attorney.

Client hires car accident attorney who begins to deal with insurance company

As soon as our personal injury law firm was hired, we sent a letter instructing the insurance company to no longer communicate with Ms. Smith and to instead direct all communication to our car accident lawyers.  We understand that the most important thing is our client’s health and recovery.  This is best achieved by not having to constantly deal with the unwanted and unfair tactics that insurance companies resort to after car accidents.

Ms. Smith was then able to seek the proper medical care and together we were able to determine what she had lost as a result of being rear-ended.  Fortunately for Ms. Smith, her injuries were not too severe and she was able to recover promptly.  At this point, our office was able to begin to negotiate a settlement that would compensate her for her injuries, medical bills, time lost from work and of course the pain and discomfort.

Hiring an attorney resulted in the insurance company offering to settle her claim for an amount 26 times higher than what they initially tried to get Ms. Smith to settle for.

why should I hire a lawyer

Make sure your settlement is Fair

Hiring an attorney after a car accident is important

The reality is that there are no guarantees in law and not every case turns out this way.  This won’t be the highest settlement that you’ll hear about all year, all month and likely not even today.  But, to Ms. Smith and to us, it was just as important as any of the bigger results because justice was achieved.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident,  hiring an attorney should be a strong consideration.  Our law office is ready to help so feel free to contact Ray Padilla Law, APC at (619) 431-1187 (San Diego) or (310)893-5573 (Torrance/Los Angeles) to speak with Attorney Ray Padilla directly.  Please call even if its simply to ask, “should I get an attorney after a car accident?”

Uber Accident

Uber accident? First Steps to Take if You Are Injured

First Steps to take if You’re in an Uber Accident

The most important consideration in any Uber accident or Lyft accident should always be your safety and that of the other people involved.  If emergency assistance is necessary, be sure to call 911 right away.  Below are answers to the most common questions people have, things to do and keep in mind and general information.

Will I be stuck with the medical bills After an Uber Accident?

As mentioned above, your health should be your first consideration.  If you think you need medical care, then get it.  We often get clients who refuse medical treatment because they either don’t have health insurance and/or feel like they will be stuck with the costs.  The likelihood of that happening when you’re riding in an Uber or Lyft that you hired is very unlikely.  Uber and Lyft provide millions of dollars worth of coverage for accidents which include payment of medical bills.

That being said, nothing is automatic and Uber and Lyft will put up a huge fight in order to try and pay an injured rider $0 out of that coverage or as little as possible.  That is why it is important to reach out to an accident lawyer that handles Uber and Lyft cases.  Getting medical treatment soon after the accident will help tremendously in proving that your injuries came as a result of the accident which in turn will be helpful and getting you compensation for your injuries.

What information should I gather after an Uber Accident?

Get as much information as you can including name, address, contact information, plate number and insurance information both the Uber or Lyft that you were on and that of any other vehicle involved in the accident.

Take photos of the damage to the vehicles, skid marks on the road (or lack thereof), and anything else that may look suspicious or related to the crash.

Look for witnesses who may have seen the car accident and get their contact information and a short version of what they saw.  Uber Accident

If you are in an Uber Accident Do NOT contact any of the insurance companies before speaking to an attorney?

No matter whose insurance you call, it is very likely that all the information they collect will be geared towards gathering ammunition that they will later use against you to try and not pay for your injuries should you try and go after them.

After an Uber Accident Ask for Help.

Just about every single car accident attorney will give you a free consultation/case evaluation.  Make the call and ask questions.  Uber and Lyft are not in the business of writing checks and neither are the insurance companies that cover them.  Their agents, adjusters and lawyers will do the best they can to not give you a cent for your injuries, so protect your rights and find someone who can help you fight for justice.

If you need help or have questions with regard to your recent Uber or Lyft accident,  the attorneys at Ray Padilla Law, APC will be happy to discuss your potential case with you for free. Call (619) 431-1187.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered a substitute for advice from a qualified attorney. If you require legal assistance, we highly recommend you speak to a qualified attorney. By reading this post, you agree this information is for informational use only and agree to hold Ray Padilla Law, APC harmless for any losses or damages as a result of this information.