Have you suffered an injury as a result of someone else’s actions?

Have you been a victim of personal injury?  If so, there are million questions potentially going through your mind.  Most people note that immediately following an injury the questions most asked are: Am I going to be alright?  Will I be able to go back to work?  How will I take care of my family?  All of these are very important questions which, unfortunately, don’t always have simple answers.

Why Do I Need a Qualified Attorney?

These days it has become harder for injury victims to take the right path towards recovery and towards attaining compensation to help make things right, simply because there exist countless obsticles along the way to keep you from reaching those objectives.  Victims are constantly asked to give statements, sign forms, and even admit guilt immediately following the injury incident and sometimes before they’ve even received any treatment.  A lot of times, people don’t even realize that the people they’re speaking to don’t have their best interest in mind.  In fact, some of those people could be gathering information to keep you from being able to recover any compensation for your injury.  Simply using the terms “accident” instead of “incident” when explaining what occurred can have detrimental effects on any potential case that you may later bring.

Are Insurance Companies There to Help?

There was a nationwide class-action case, for example, wherein former Allstate employees testified that they were “trained to build rapport with customers and discourage them from hiring layers.” (Bartelme, Tony.  STORM OF MONEY: Insider tells how some insurance companies rig the system.  In an article written by Patrick Gunning titled if you love them, let them go, he explains that “insurance whistle blower Robert Dietz, adjusters at Farmers Insurance were ‘taught how to dissuade people from hiring a lawyer in the first place,’ ‘were evaluated annually for this talent,’ and ‘whenever adjusters allowed claimants to retain an attorney, they had to fill out a form to explain to supervisors how they let it happen.’” (Heckman, Candace; Low-ball offers nothing new in insurance industry. Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  May 14, 2003.) The reality is that they are not there to help.

How Can Our Attorneys Help?

Doing your research and selecting the right attorney is key in protecting your rights. Unfortunately, given all the pitfalls along the way, it is important to select the right attorney to represent you early on.  We pride ourselves with providing victims with the representation that they deserve.  Volume is not what we do.  The cases we take, we take because we believe in helping victims get compensation for their injuries and if we can’t help, we will help you find someone who can.